Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage

Classical Thai massage makes a combination of acupressure and passive yoga techniques. It is performed in completely different conditions from the ones known to our culture. It involves a mat on which the massaged person assumes various positions originating from yoga.

In the traditional Thai massage we focus on pressing appropriate places on the entire body. We start with the lower parts, that is feet, and head towards the upper parts of the body. Massage is performed not only with bare hands but also with thumbs, wrists, elbows, forearms, or even feet and knees. Through stretching, the range of motion is extended, and muscles relax. One must bear in mind that massage at times can be painful, which is a completely natural phenomenon, however, in the end, it brings perfect relaxation to the mind and the entire body.

Traditional Thai massage provides many benefits for your body, spirit and mood.

- Relaxation of muscles

- Increase of joint flexibility

- Promotion of blood circulation

- Source of energy

- Slim figure