The skills of our massagers and professional approach to each client are confirmed by the opinions of those who decided to put themselves in our hands and take advantage of Thai massage services.

Satisfaction and contentment of our clients motivate us for further improvement and make the best reward for our efforts and hard work put by our massagers in each procedure carried out in the Amari salon.

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  • SPA Amari – friendly atmosphere, professional attendance, masseuses whose hands heal, namely a perfect place to calm down, relax and get rid of the problems with pain in the muscles and joints, but also to relax the entire body. Thai massage is addictive, and yet it is a very healthy addiction.
  • Massage with warm herbal stamps is definitely one of the best ways to get rid of joint pains. I have faced the problem already for many years, but only now did I find an effective method to alleviate the ailment. I would love to come to the Amari salon every day, but for the time being I must confine myself to a couple of times in a month. I highly recommend it!
  • I was once in the SPA Amari salon when I visited my sister in Częstochowa. Together we went to Thai massage, to enjoy ourselves on Saturday evening. Amazing sensations, oriental aromas filling the air and that wonderful music, which intensified the experience. Great alternative to more traditional forms of spending spare time.
  • I was recommended to take slimming massage by my friend. I wanted to drop unnecessary weight and, at the same time, make my body firmer. I have practiced and changed my food preferences. I regularly visit SPA Amari. Effects? After one month I have lost 5 kg, my body is firmer. A true asset of the salon is the friendly atmosphere and attendance.
  • My problem was sleeplessness. I slept for 2 hours a day or not at all. It is not hard to imagine how tired, petulant and deprived off all energy to live I was. I noticed that the best results came after reflexotherapy. Now I sleep more and better. No medications, no herbal tea, just massage!
  • I am already a women after 50, which means that pains in joints and muscles are nothing new to me. Thai massage has changed a bit my perception of reality, and, at the time being, I know that I do not have to take for granted the pain which is connected with my age. I regularly go to Thai massage and I have no intention to quit. I feel that I live, and pain is no longer my problem.
  • It was my wife who took me to Thai massage. At first, I was rather sceptical about that idea and only wanted to make her happy, but, in fact, I made myself happy. I no longer feel pain in my muscles, which previously took place even a couple of times in a week, and I am no longer so stressed after an entire day of work. It turned out that massage is not only for women.
  • I must admit that Thai foot massage is the only effective cure for me. Until recently I had to cope with the problem of heavy legs and no balsams or ointments seemed to bring the desired results. I regret that I have only lately decided to go to the massage which changes my everyday life and helps to enjoy each moment, no matter if I spend my entire day at the office or with my family at a weekend trip. My legs are no longer a problem but an asset of mine. Thank you!
  • I regularly go to Thai massages. I take advantage of all their types available in the salon and I can state with full conviction that it is my weekly source of energy. I work practically for whole days, and such moments of relaxation at a place which is full of positive energy, where one can find peace, silence and magical atmosphere, are my method to calm down and relax. I recommend everyone giving it a try.
  • SPA Amari is a place I want to revisit frequently. Whenever I leave after another massage, I am thinking about the next one. Professional service, friendly atmosphere and the effects which particularly include improvement of well-being, but also better functioning of the entire body.

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