Slimming massage

Slimming massage

Massage dedicated to all those who wish to take care of their appearance and body, by restoring its firmness and smoothness. It assists the slimming process and fat reduction by stimulation of the body’s local metabolism. The procedure increases the flow of blood, which contributes to acceleration of metabolism and detoxification of the entire organism. In addition, massagers use special oils to make the skin smooth.

Along with regular slimming massages, it is recommended to keep properly balanced diet and be physically active, which is necessary when dropping unnecessary weight. The results are visible already after the first session.

  • Stretch marks and cellulite reduction
  • Elastic and supple skin
  • Fat reduction
  • Detoxification of the organism
  • Improved metabolism

Massage is focused on such parts of the body which require slimming and skin firming. At the same time, with the view to preserving balance of the entire organism, other body parts are massaged, which allows the massaged person to relax and feel easier.

Exotic massages enrooted in Asian oriental culture are a combination of knowledge, skill and techniques of professional massagers, on one hand, and strong impact on human body of essential oils, on the other. They are used in order to restore harmony and a sense of relaxation and ease to the organism, taking into consideration specific ailments, such as muscle and joint pains, skin problems or irregularities in functioning of internal organs.