Thai foot massage, reflexotherapy

Thai foot massage, reflexotherapy

Reflexotherapy is art and science in one. It is also a form of therapy and relaxing procedure in which all spheres of a person are treated as one whole so as to exert influence on both the person’s body, soul and the mind. It is a type of massage and therapy which had been already used in ancient Egypt. Because of its effectivity, it has persisted until the present day.

The massage involves such parts of the body as: soles, dorsum of foot, toes, ankles, calves and knee areas. Appropriate pressure applied to these parts make the massage affect the entire body, and at the same time support:

  • detoxification of the organism
  • improvement of sleep
  • elimination of the “heavy legs” feeling
  • promotion of blood circulation
  • metabolism
  • endocrine system
  • lymphatic glands
  • central nervous system
  • improvement of operation of all internal organs

To enhance the effects, we apply herbal ointments to make the massage even more effective and bring the desired goals.