About the salon

Traditional Thai massage – inspired by the culture of the Orient

Tradition of Thai massage dates back as far as over 2500 years. According to a legend, its precursor was Shivago Komarpaj, Buddha’s personal physician. However, it must be pointed out that its current techniques vary from the ones used in 500 BC. It is possible to trace in them distinct influences of Indian and Chinese cultures, as well as elements of yoga, acupressure and reflexology.

Thai massage for the first time in Częstochowa

Amari is not only a SPA where you can enjoy professional massages originating from the culture of the Orient but also a place where you can sense its smell, positive aura and incredible energy of the Orient, thanks to which the massage becomes not only a cure for the body but also for the soul. We are the first Thai massage salon in Częstochowa and the only one to hire professional massagers trained directly in Thailand. Their ability to make appropriate moves, their touch and the use of numerous techniques makes every visit in our spa an opportunity to break away from everyday life and a real of journey to faraway places, to the oriental world, where one can relax, chill out and improve one’s mobility.